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Solicitiation of Students in School

Only those organizations granted approval by the Board of Education shall have permission to solicit donations and contributions from students. All fund-raising activities must be voluntary and in accord with the Rules of the Regents and the State Education Department's "Guidelines Relating to Solicitation of Charitable Donations from Children". No direct solicitation of students is permitted during school hours.

The following constitute permissible indirect forms of solicitation, and the Board has the authority to determine which, if any, forms it will allow:

1. the sale of tickets to a social, musical, or athletic event where a portion of the funds go to a charitable purpose;

2. the recruitment of students during school hours to participate in fund-raising activities to be conducted off school premises and/or when school is not in session. School personnel are permitted to hang posters or distribute flyers notifying students of these activities. However, school personnel may not act as a conduit and collect funds from students on behalf of a charity for which they recruited; and

3. the placement of a bin or collection box in a hallway or other common area for the voluntary donation of food, clothing or money.

Gifts from Students

Students are discouraged from presenting the school staff with elaborate gifts. Spontaneous inexpensive gifts will be allowed when reasonable to express gratitude. Letters of appreciation are always welcome.

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General Reference:

NYS Constitution, Article 8 §1 
Education Law §414 
Rules of the Board of Regents §19.6 
Guidelines Relating to Solicitation of Charitable Donations from School Children, SED, January 1994
Matter of Schanbarger, 11 EDR 70

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