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Pregnant students will be encouraged to continue participation in the public school program. As soon as pregnancy is medically confirmed, the student and her parent(s) or guardian(s) should consult with the Building Principal and other appropriate staff to plan an appropriate education program.

A minor under 16 must continue her education though the end of the school year during which she turns 16. During pregnancy and the period of pregnancy-related disability which follows childbirth, a student shall be entitled to home instruction, upon the request and submission of a physician's note recommending homebound instruction. Every effort will be made to see that the educational program of the student is disrupted as little as possible; that available student health and counseling services, as well as instruction, are provided; that the student is encouraged to return to high school after delivery; and that every opportunity is given to complete high school. A pregnant student who desires to attend regularly scheduled classes prior to the time of childbirth may do so to the extent that her physician approves of such attendance. A minor under 16 must return to school after the period of disability that follows childbirth.

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Ordway v. Hargraves, 323 F Supp 1155 (1971) 
Perry v. Grenada Municipal Separate School District, 300 F Supp 748 (1969)
Matter of Murphy, 11 EDR 180 (1972)

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