Series: Series5000     Sub Series: 5000     Policy Number: 5610
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A student who seeks to be designated an emancipated minor must provide proof of:

1. Residence

• If residence is rented, a statement from the landlord stating the name of the minor as a rentor and a rent receipt in the minor’s name.

• If residence is owned, a copy of the deed.

2. Financial Independence

• A letter from the employer stating the salary and hours worked per week.

• A statement of other financial means.

3. Parental/Guardian Release

• A signed statement from the parent or guardian releasing all financial support and stating that the student will not be claimed on federal income tax as a dependent for the year.

If at any time the above information is changed without prompt notification or proven to be false, the parent/guardian and/or student may be subject to nonresident student tuition charges.

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