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The Board of Education shall, at its discretion and in accordance with state law and regulation, appoint Citizens Advisory Committees of representative residents of the district to meet with the Board to provide advice and reaction about important matters before the Board which may have special significance for the community.

Each citizens committee organized by the Board shall be appointed and discharged by official Board resolutions. Resolutions appointing such committees shall state specifically the scope of the work of the committee.

Appointments to Citizens Advisory Committees shall be on the basis of interest, experience, expertise, and concern. No one shall be appointed as a representative of a specific group or area, unless it is the express purpose of the Board to have all areas of the community represented, in which case the Board will, in its discretion, appoint representative members of every such group or area. The Board shall make every effort to form a committee that is representative of the entire community, including representation from building and district planning teams.

Committees shall report all suggestions and recommendations to the Board and Superintendent of Schools prior to public release. Final reports shall be delivered to the Board at a meeting scheduled by the Board to receive the report.

The Board may accept, reject, or return committee recommendations for further study. Any action stemming from committee reports is the responsibility of the Board. Publicity, or the release of information, concerning committee findings shall be the responsibility and the prerogative of the Board. Advisory committees shall be discontinued upon completion of their assignment(s).

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Education Law §§4402; 4601 
8 NYCRR §135.3(2)

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