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It is the district's responsibility to ensure the safety of all students in school buildings or on school grounds, and/or participating in school activities. The safety of all students shall be the responsibility of all staff members.

In case of accident or injury, students shall receive first aid from the nurse, teacher, or other trained employee nearest the scene. The nurse or teacher shall notify the parent(s) as soon as possible.

To ensure student safety, special attention will be given to the following:

1. maintaining a safe school environment through periodic inspection of the physical condition of all buildings and grounds;

2. observing safe practices on the part of school personnel and students, particularly in those areas of instruction or extracurricular activities which offer special hazards. Section 409-a of the Education Law and the relevant sections of the Commissioner's Regulations regarding the wearing of eye safety devices in shops and laboratories, etc. will be strictly observed;

3. offering safety education to students, as appropriate, in subjects such as laboratory courses in science, shop courses, and health and physical education; and

4. notifying the school nurse of all accidents. For every accident, an accident report must be completed and filed.

5. being conscious of suspicious strangers loitering in or near the school. The Superintendent of Schools shall notify law enforcement agencies if the circumstances seem to warrant it. Students shall be instructed to notify teachers, their parents/guardian(s), police or school officials of any suspicious strangers.

The curriculum and instruction that deals with student safety and welfare. will meet state mandates in the following areas:

1. fire and arson instruction;

2. bus emergency drills;

3. disaster planning and civil preparedness, including fire, emergency evacuation and lock-down drills;

4. substance abuse prevention;

5. driver education;

6. the use of safety devices;

7. energy conservation; and

8. environmental conservation.

Safety Measures

1. Fire drills are to be conducted on a regular basis and at least as often as required by law.

2. The Superintendent is responsible for a decision to close school or to evacuate the schools in case of emergency.

The safety and welfare of the children is to be the prime consideration in such decisions.

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Education Law §§806; 807; 808; 3212-a 
8 NYCRR §§107.l; 141.10

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