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The purpose of this regulation is to provide guidelines for the approval and distribution of advertising materials and/or announcements, both in hard copy and digitally, that are sent home to parents often, though not exclusively, with students in the elementary grades, K-5.


1.         School-related notices sent to parents will be given the highest priority and may necessitate that non-school related materials be withheld at any given time.  The District reserves the right to limit the number of informational items in a given week or other period of time.  Information from outside groups can be distributed, starting with the second week of school, unless there is a clear need to send the notice home sooner.


2.         Information from not-for-profit organizations will be considered for distribution as long as the main focus is on services or activities of general interest for children, as determined by the building principal.  A not-for-profit group must be able to furnish Internal Revenue Service nonprofit documentation if requested.  Also, the building principal may request additional information concerning the governance structure and/or mission of the organization.  Such information is requested solely for the purpose of confirming that the organization is within the coverage of this policy and regulations.


3.         All information must be submitted to the building principal for prior approval.  Requests must be submitted at least five (5) school days in advance of the suggested distribution date.  For hard copies, it is strongly recommended that photocopying not occur until approval from the building principal is received in case changes are necessary.


4.         Other than activities sponsored by recognized school groups, the PTSO, and athletic or other booster clubs, which must be prominently titled, all materials must include the following statement in a box format: 


This information is being distributed by the Rhinebeck Central School District as a community service to students and parents for informational purposes only. This program is not affiliated with nor endorsed in any way by the Rhinebeck Central School District.


5.         Upon approval by the building principal, the responsibility for photocopying, in the case of hard copies, must be assumed by the organization requesting distribution.  Packets must be separated into groups of 25 and delivered to the elementary school’s main office.      


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