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A student filing a complaint or grievance alleging that there is an action affecting them which is prohibited by Title IX and/or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act or the Americans with Disabilities Act shall be provided with information regarding the prompt and equitable resolution of the complaint or grievance. Furthermore, a student shall have the right to present complaints and grievances in accordance with the procedure free from coercion, interference, restraint, discrimination or reprisal.

Building Principals are responsible for ensuring that appeal procedures are incorporated into discipline codes, explained to all students, and provided to all parents on an annual basis.

Annual Notification

At the beginning of each school year, the district shall publish a notice of the established grievance procedures for resolving complaints of discrimination due to sex and/or disability to parents/guardians, employees, eligible students and the community. The public notice shall:

1. inform parents, employees, students and the community that vocational education programs are offered without regard to sex, race, color, national origin or disability;

2. provide the name, address and telephone number of the person designated to coordinate activities concerning discrimination due to sex and/or disability;

3. be included in announcements, bulletins, catalogues, and applications made available by the district.

The Superintendent of Schools shall establish regulations and procedures for presenting problems or appealing decisions which affect individual students, in accordance with applicable statutory requirements, and for the resolution of complaints or grievances which may affect the student body.

District Reference:

General Reference:

Americans with Disabilities Act, 42 U.S.C. §12133 
Title IX, Education Amendments of 1972, 20 U.S.C. Chapter 38; 34 CFR Part 106; 45 CFR Part 86
Rehabilitation Act of 1973, §504, 29 U.S.C. §794; 34 CFR §104
Education Law §3214

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