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The Board of Education wishes to promote the health, safety, and welfare of the District’s students, support their academic success at extended levels of achievement, and encourage the development of leadership skills outside, as well as inside, the classroom. The Board also recognizes that participation in extracurricular activities is a privilege and not a right, and that it has the authority to establish reasonable standards for eligibility for participation in extracurricular activities.    


Eligibility requirements will include academic standards, behavioral standards and, when appropriate, training standards.  These standards will be applied equitably to all student participants.  This policy, including the expected standards of conduct, will be included in the student handbook and posted on the District website. It is the responsibility of all participants to read and understand this information before the start of each school year and season. In addition, advisors/coaches will inform participating students of the application and scope of such standards.  In addition, all student participants, including athletes, should be informed that they have the obligation to act in a responsible manner because of the leadership roles they play in the school environment.


The following standards apply to participation in extracurricular activities:


1.         Students participating in any extracurricular activities need to be mindful of their academic responsibilities. Students are expected to carry a full academic program (five classes or equivalent and physical education). Students failing one or more subjects will be placed on an improvement contract that will require academic improvement, as evidenced by passing grades resulting from regular homework, attendance and participation. The goal of the improvement contract is to provide direction for the student in identifying what needs to be accomplished to meet minimum course requirements.  Students who do not meet the criteria of the contract will be ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities, including but not limited to meetings, rehearsals, practices, fund-raising activities, trips, games, contests, and/or other competitions. The procedure for implementing the improvement contract will be designed by the Building Principal, subject to the approval of the Superintendent of Schools, and shall include the reasons for failure, a plan for addressing or overcoming those reasons, and steps explaining how improvement will be achieved.


2.         Students must fulfill any obligations they may have to their school, such as detention, before they may participate in any extracurricular activity.


3.         Students are expected to attend school regularly and on time.  Any student absent from school for more than four of the day’s nine periods will not be eligible to participate in any extracurricular activity on that day or night. Students absent from classes due to an excused absence, as defined in Section II of the District’s Comprehensive Student Attendance Policy (Board Policy #5100), except for personal illness, can participate, with the prior approval of the school administration. Those students who choose to ignore the above will not be able to participate in the next function, game, trip, etc. Students leaving school due to illness will also be ineligible for that day.


4.         Any student suspended from school (in school or out-of-school) on a particular day(s) may not participate in any extracurricular activity, including sports, on  each of those days/evenings.  If a student is subject to a suspension on Friday and Monday, the student will not be able to participate over the weekend.   


5.         Students are expected to be good citizens and comply with the law and the District Code of Conduct.  Being in the presence of others who are involved in the illegal use of controlled substances or the use of illegal substances is potentially risky behavior that can lead to serious substance involvement as well as legal consequences.  Students are encouraged to be pro-active in avoiding such situations whenever possible and to remove themselves from these situations as soon as possible should they find themselves so involved.  Students are encouraged to use such instances as opportunities to exercise their leadership responsibility amongst their peers by modeling involvement in substance-free social activities and assisting their teammates and friends to disengage safely from potentially risky social activities that involve the use of illegal substances or the illegal use of other substances.


However, possession, use, sale and/or distribution of tobacco products, alcohol, and other controlled substances including performance-enhancing or other drugs, at school (including but not limited to the school building, school grounds, school vehicles or school functions), as well as off school grounds (including any party or other social gathering where underage drinking and/or illegal drug use is occurring), is a violation of this policy and will result in the following consequences:








Tobacco, Alcohol, or other Drugs

Ineligible for athletic competition for up to 20% of the season’s contests (rounded to the nearest whole contest)and required successful completion of an educational component as designated by the building principal

Ineligible for athletic competition for the rest of the current season and the school’s next sports season, as well as required successful completion of an additional educational component as designated by the building principal


Tobacco, Alcohol, or other Drugs

Ineligible for all participation in the activity until required successful completion of an educational component as designated by the building principal

Ineligible for all participation in the activity for five (5) months and required successful completion

of an additional educational

component as designated by the building principal



            Disciplinary consequences will apply to both athletic and non-athletic activities for students who participate in both types of activities concurrently.


            For the purposes of this policy, a period of extracurricular ineligibility that occurs during one season/participation period will carry over to subsequent season(s)/participation period(s), including those in a subsequent year, as appropriate.  For middle school students, the time period for the determination of the first violation and repeat violations will be reset when the student enters high school.


            Information regarding an alleged or suspected violation of the District Code of Conduct and/or this policy regarding the possession, use, sale and/or distribution of tobacco, alcohol, and/or other drugs that is brought to the attention of coaches, other staff members and/or administrators will be reported as soon as possible to the building principal for his/her review and, if necessary, appropriate disciplinary action. 


            However, information regarding an alleged or suspected violation of the District Code of Conduct and/or this policy regarding the possession, use, sale and/or distribution of tobacco, alcohol, and or other drugs that is brought to the attention of guidance counselors, school psychologists, school social workers, or other mental health care providers in a clinical or therapeutic setting will be brought to the attention of the building principal for his/her review.  In order to support the appropriate rehabilitation and therapeutic support of the student, and to encourage open communication between students and counselors, information brought to the building principal in this context will not be used to pursue disciplinary action under this policy.


            Although suspension from participation in an extracurricular activity does not require a full hearing pursuant to Section 3214 of the Education Law, a student must be given the opportunity to appear informally before the building principal to present his/her side of the story as part of a general discussion of the conduct under review.   


            Consequences for a violation of the District’s Code of Conduct will be implemented concurrently with those for a violation of the policy on Eligibility for Extracurricular Activities.  


6.         Students will behave in a manner that best reflects themselves and the District. Abusive language, unsportsmanlike conduct, and/or violent and/or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated, and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with the District Code of Conduct.


7.         Activity advisors and coaches shall work together so that students may participate in more than one activity during the same time of the year, whenever possible. However, it is illegal for students to participate in more than one interscholastic activity during the same sport season, unless a formal exception is made by the league.

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