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As a service to parents and children, the Rhinebeck Central School District permits notices to be made available or otherwise distributed to parents/guardians about various activities and events taking place in our community and at times, outside of school district boundaries. 


Notices are frequently provided to parents/guardians through their children as documents or flyers distributed via backpack mail, predominantly at the elementary school level, or as announcements in the weekly elementary school newsletter on a space available basis, and sometimes via currently available means of communication such as e-mail, other school publications, or the District website. No print materials will be distributed through school district or school building mailings.


Such information includes, but is not limited to, little league baseball and softball, and other youth recreation programs; local arts and crafts activities; and cultural and entertainment events and opportunities in the Town of Rhinebeck and other towns within the boundaries of the school district, as well as in the Mid-Hudson region. 


It must be clearly noted, in writing, as part of any advertising material, flyer, announcement, e-mail, school publication, or website posting that the activity, event, or program is not sponsored, affiliated with or endorsed in any way by the Rhinebeck Central School District.  Upon receipt, it is the responsibility of parents/guardians to discard or delete information that is of no interest or to inquire further with the sponsoring organization about those activities they may wish to pursue for their children.


With advance approval from the building principal or his/her designee, information concerning activities, events, programs, and other opportunities of interest to children and their families in the Rhinebeck Central School District may be distributed to students, provided that the activity, event, program, or opportunity is conducted or sponsored by an agency of federal, state, or local government, or by a not-for-profit group that can furnish documentation of recognition as a non-profit organization by the Internal Revenue Service.  Also, the building principal may request additional information concerning the governance structure and/or mission of the organization.  Such details are requested solely for the purpose of confirming that the organization is within the coverage of this policy and its accompanying regulations.


The agency or organization seeking to distribute information to students in District schools must provide an electronic copy or a sufficient number of hard copies of the document, as appropriate; the District will not make hard copies for this purpose.  The Rhinebeck Central School District retains the right to withdraw approval of material from any source if it is determined that distribution would undermine the intent of this policy or cause disruption in the school or school community.


The Superintendent is directed to develop and implement the necessary regulations to ensure that this policy is implemented throughout the school system.

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