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The following rules apply to public performances by students:

1. The public performance must contribute to the accomplishment of curricular objectives, must not unduly interfere with other scheduled activities or classes within the school, and must be approved by the Superintendent of Schools.

2. Students participating in a performance shall conduct themselves in a manner appropriate for their age and in such a way as to bring credit to their school.

3. Student organizations may participate in the activities of patriotic and civic groups in the community if the time of participation does not unduly interfere with the students’ scheduled instructional program.

4. Caution will be used to avoid exploitation in the use of musical performances to further public relations of particular institutions or for local political rallies. However, the Board believes that the organization may be used to honor the position represented by certain high public offices or to honor visiting dignitaries to our community.

5. Students may not perform for any compensation in any school-connected public performance.

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