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No student may be released from school to anyone other than the parent, guardian or child protective services personnel and law enforcement officers pursuant to law, unless the name of the individual seeking release of the student appears on a list provided by the parent or guardian. Students 16 years of age or older may be released from school on their own with the advance receipt by the building principal or his/her designee of written permission from the student’s parent/guardian.

Parents are urged to make appointments with physicians, dentists, special tutors, etc., after school hours. If a request is necessary, parents should make note of the date, time and reason for the release. Children cannot be excused without advanced written request by parent/guardian, and must be released in care of parent/guardian, unless otherwise noted.

A student may be released to either parent unless a custodial parent supplies the Superintendent of Schools with a certified copy of a court order or divorce decree to the contrary.

The Superintendent shall develop procedures to enable parents and guardians to amend the list of persons authorized to obtain the release of their children.

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Education Law §3210(1)(c) 

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