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Before a student may be dropped from enrollment, he/she must have been absent for 20 consecutive school days and statutory procedures must be followed. The option to leave public school instruction is open to students at the end of the school year during which they reach the age of 16. However, before the student is withdrawn from school, the following steps shall be followed:

1. Every effort shall be made to provide a program of instruction which meets the needs and interest of the student.

2. The Dean of Students shall schedule and notify in writing both the student and his/her parents or guardians of an informal conference.

3. A parent conference with the Dean of Students, the student’s guidance counselor, and others who may have a direct interest in the student’s plans will be held to be sure that all profitable avenues for retaining the student have been explored.

4. If withdrawal seems the most desirable course of action, the proper withdrawal form shall be completed, signed by the Building Principal and parent, and forwarded to the Superintendent of Schools. The student and his/her parents shall be informed orally and in writing of the student's right to re-enroll at any time in the school, if qualified under law.

5. Students withdraw from school after the year during which they reach their sixteenth birthday until contact has been made with the student’s parent or guardian establishing their knowledge of the requested withdrawal.

6. Parent contact is desirable in cases of 18 year-old student withdrawals; however, it is not mandated.

7. If the student or his/her parents fail after reasonable notice to attend the informal conference, the student will be dropped from the rolls of the school, provided that he or she and the parents have been notified that they may re-enter at any time if qualified under the law.

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Education Law §3202(1-a)

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