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In order to provide educational opportunities for the community, courses taught at Rhinebeck High School shall be open to adult citizens of the district under the following conditions:

1. The citizen must be a full-time resident of the district, and at least twenty-two years of age.

2. The citizen must register with the school no later than two weeks before the start of the course.

3. The citizen will be subject to all rules of punctuality, attendance, and deportment which apply to students enrolled.

4. Enrollment may be denied, or terminated, for the following reasons:

• lack of space;

• disruption of the class; or

• failure to be punctual or to maintain regular attendance.

5. Any special materials used shall be charged to the enrolling citizen. The district shall incur no additional expense in allowing an adult citizen to enroll in a high school course.

6. Enrollment is without credit, except in special cases with prior arrangement through the Superintendent of Schools.

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8 NYCRR §§157.1; 157.2 
Education Law §§4602; 4604
20 USCA §§1203 et seq. 

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