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The Board of Education recognizes its responsibilities under §3204 of the Education Law (the “compulsory attendance law”) to ensure that every child residing within the District has an equal opportunity to receive an education.  The Board of Education also acknowledges that resident parents or guardians have the right, and may elect, to provide educational requirements mandated by law for their child in nonpublic schools, in their homes or otherwise outside of the public or nonpublic schools.

            A parent/guardian of a child providing his/her education through home schooling shall comply with all state laws and regulations of the Commissioner of Education.  Primary responsibility for monitoring compliance with such laws and regulations rests with the Superintendent of Schools.  The Superintendent will establish regulations regarding the education of children at home.

Provision of Services to Home Schooled Students

-   Home schooled students are not awarded a high school diploma by the District.

-    Home schooled students are provided with loaned textbooks only from the District’s current textbook inventory, upon parental request.

-   Home schooled students may not attend the public schools on a part-time basis,  participate in the instructional program of the District, or receive dual enrollment services, except as required by law.

-   The District shall offer to home schooled students with disabilities the special education services and/or programs contained in the child’s individualized education program.  There is no requirement that such services be provided in the student’s home.

-   Home schooled students may participate in the following school activities, upon written request and approval by the District:

·        intramural athletics to the extent that it does not cause a District student  to be unable to participate

·        other school sponsored extra-curricular and co-curricular activities to the extent that it does not cause a District student to be unable to participate

·        library use during the school day, when space is available

·        State testing

-   Home schooled students may not participate in the following school activities:

·        interscholastic athletics

·        field trips and school trips

·        any course or activity that is considered part of the instructional program and/or for which a student receives credit

·        remedial programs provided during the school day.

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