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Homebound instruction is a service provided to students who are unable to attend school due to: physical disability, as certified by a licensed physician; emotional problems, as certified by a licensed mental health professional; or suspension from attendance at school if the student has not yet reached the age of sixteen.

Proper attendance reports will be required monthly. In order to be claimed for state aid, secondary students will receive instruction for two hours per day and elementary students will receive one hour per day. Students receive credit for their work while on homebound instruction and may be required to take public school examinations. A student who is receiving homebound instruction may not participate in any school or school-related activities, either during or outside of the regular school day.

The appropriate building principal will designate the individual(s) to provide homebound instruction. The homebound teacher will be paid on an hourly basis according to current rates.

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Education Law §§1709(24); 4401 et seq. 
8 NYCRR §175.21

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