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The district will make every effort to ensure that students designated as English Language Learners (ELL) are provided with an appropriate program of transitional bilingual education or free-standing English as a Second Language (ESL) program.

Pursuant to this policy and the regulations of the Commissioner of Education, the Superintendent of Schools is directed to develop appropriate administrative regulations to ensure that ELL students are:

1. diagnostically screened for limited English proficiency, in accordance with Part 117 of the Commissioner's Regulations. Those students who according to their scores are identified as ELL will be annually evaluated. Included in the evaluation shall be each student's performance in content areas to measure academic progress;

2. assured of access to appropriate instructional and support services, including guidance programs; and

3. assured of having equal opportunities to participate in all school programs and extracurricular activities as non-ELL students.

The Superintendent shall be responsible for ensuring that the Commissioner is provided with all information required under the Commissioner's Regulations and that the district provides appropriate school-related information to the parents of ELL students in English, or when necessary, in the language they understand. In addition, the Superintendent shall ensure that all teachers employed for any bilingual and/or ESL program are appropriately certified in accordance with the Commissioner's Regulations.

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