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The Board of Education shall ensure the flow of ideas and information about the schools to and from the community in order to develop a strong educational program. Information about the schools and the educational program shall be disbursed through area newspapers, radio, and television, and through the District’s web site and social media.


Board publicity shall be issued by the Superintendent of Schools on authorization of the Board. Information about the routine activities of school shall be released by the administrator of that particular division. School publicity which is likely to arouse controversy or is of districtwide importance shall be submitted to the Superintendent for evaluation. The Superintendent shall make the final decision as to whether such information will be disseminated.


School connected groups, not under the sponsorship of the Board, such as the Parent-Teacher-Student Organization, shall be encouraged to work closely with school authorities in a cooperative effort to prepare information which is designed to be of benefit to the educational program.


The Superintendent is authorized to publish a newsletter for school publicity.


The Board expects all school district personnel to carry on a positive continuous program of public relations with the goal of informing the public of the school’s needs, conditions, and resources. This should be done through the employees’ personal contacts. To this end, the administration shall keep employees informed of school happenings.

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