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The Board of Education directs the Superintendent of Schools to oversee the development, maintenance and evaluation of a program of academic support services coordinated and articulated with the developmental program. The program will specifically address the needs of students who must be provided academic support services as a result of test scores on state-required tests (in compliance with the Regulations of the Commissioner), and may address the needs of other educationally disadvantaged students.

To determine student eligibility for federal and state programs, the Superintendent or his/her designee will design appropriate student assessment procedures. Assessment shall be a collaborative effort involving parents/guardians, regular classroom teachers, guidance and special education personnel. Referrals may be initiated by Building Principals and/or classroom teachers, based in part on low student scores on state competency tests, but also taking into consideration a broad range of student needs. Students who are participating in Title I will be eligible for such services until they are performing at grade level.

Individual assessments shall attempt to gauge a student's need for emotional and/or physical health services, and seek to determine whether his/her academic performance has a basis in a physical or emotional disability. Student learning style and level of proficiency in speaking/reading/writing English must also be assessed. If the latter is a factor, instruction in English as a second language (ELL) and/or bilingual instruction will be provided prior to any determination regarding the need for further specialized instruction. All transferring students and new entrants shall be screened to determine their need for academic support services. A student may be eligible for remediation based on test scores received from the district in which such student was previously enrolled.

If a student is eligible for academic support services, he/she will be assigned to an appropriately certified teacher qualified to provide instruction in the area for which remediation is required. Inservice training in academic support services/remediation methods/ programs shall be provided to all teachers periodically.

Teachers shall coordinate academic support services with the student's regular classwork and homework load. Program goals shall include regular coordination of the curriculum across grades and between grade levels, based upon a core curriculum. Teachers are encouraged to involve parents, community volunteers, teacher aides/assistants and student peers whenever possible.

All such programs shall be evaluated yearly. Evaluation shall be based on norm-referenced test scores and other objective student outcomes, such as classroom performance and student behavior. When seeking to improve programs, the Superintendent or his/her designee shall research effective program models used by other districts in New York State and nationally. Such models shall be adapted to district resources and needs. In addition, the district shall seek all applicable state and federal funding to improve its academic support services.

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8 NYCRR §§100.1(g); 100.2(r); 100.3(b); 100.4(d)(e)

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