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In compliance with the regulations of the Commissioner of Education, the district will provide classroom instruction concerning Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) as part of a sequential and comprehensive health program for all students, K-12. Instruction must be offered during regularly scheduled classes. Such instruction will be age-appropriate, and include the following information:

1. the nature of the disease;

2. methods of transmission of the disease; and

3. methods of prevention of the disease (stressing abstinence as the most effective and appropriate protection against AIDS).

The district shall provide sufficient advance written notice to the parents/guardians of all students scheduled to receive AIDS instruction. A student may be excused from that segment of AIDS instruction regarding methods of prevention of the disease if his/her parent/guardian files a written request with the building principal. The request must give assurance that such instruction will be given at home.

The Board shall establish an advisory council which shall be responsible for making recommendations on content, implementation, and evaluation of the AIDS instructional program. The advisory council must consist of Board members, appropriate school personnel, parents and community representatives, including representatives from religious organizations.

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Education Law §3204(5) 
8 NYCRR §§16.2; 135.3
Ware v. Valley Stream High School District, 75 NY2d 114 (1989)
New York State School Boards Association v. Sobol, 168 AD2d 188 (1991)
Matter of Ware, 28 EDR 415 (1989)

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