Series: Series4000     Sub Series: 4000     Policy Number: 4311.1
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The district shall provide for the display of the United States flag upon or near every school building. There shall be a flag on display in every assembly room of every school.

The flag shall be flown at full- or half-staff pursuant to law. In addition, the flag may be flown at half-staff to commemorate the death of a present or former Board member, employee, or student.

Consistent with national and state law and regulations and this policy, the Superintendent of Schools shall develop rules and regulations for the proper custody, care and display of the flag.

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General Reference:

Education Law §§418; 419; 420; 802 
Executive Law, Article 19
8 NYCRR Part 108
Lapolla v. Dullaghann, 63 Misc 2d 157 (1970) 

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