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The Board of Education recognizes that animal dissection is an integral part of the study of living things and instruction in the life sciences.  The Board also recognizes that some students may have a moral or religious objection to dissection or otherwise harming or destroying animals. 


In accordance with Section 809 of the Education Law, any student who objects to dissecting animals may opt-out of dissection activities, provided that the student performs an alternative project through which he or she can learn and be assessed on material required by the course.  An alternative project may include, but is not limited to, computer programs, internet simulations, plastic models, videotapes, and digital videodiscs, and is subject to prior approval by the student’s teacher. The student’s objection must be substantiated in writing by the student’s parent/guardian.


At the start of each year, teachers of courses that include animal dissection shall give written notice to the students in those classes and to their parents/guardians of the right to opt-out of animal dissection and to perform an alternative activity. 


No student shall be discriminated against based upon his or her decision to exercise the right to opt-out of animal dissection.

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