Series: Series4000     Sub Series: 4700 ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT     Policy Number: 4720
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The Board of Education recognizes that an established testing program facilitates the gathering and utilization of objective information about the student for use by counselors, teachers, administrators, and parents in improving instruction and learning situations to better meet the needs of all students.

A regular testing program will be established for administering standardized tests to all students at designated points in their programs from grades K-12. The purpose of the testing program is to help:

1. the individual student understand and develop his/her academic abilities;

2. educators and parents make better judgments about individual students;

3. educators make better judgments about groups of students and about curriculum implementation.

The established testing program shall include a sequence achievement and other tests administered at prescribed grade levels, and shall be under continuous study by qualified specialists and administrative personnel as reflected in the K-12 Guidance Plan.

Tests shall be administered to all students in the areas prescribed by the State Education Department. Students falling below the statewide reference point on such tests will receive appropriate Academic Intervention Services designed to help them improve and meet State learning standards.

The information drawn from standardized tests should be used only in conjunction with all the other information known about the student in advising him/her, or assisting the student to improve his/her work.

Test records shall be kept in such a way that teachers and parents can see each child’s growth and progress in his/her school subjects. Details concerning each test can be obtained from the building principal or the secondary guidance counselors.

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8 NYCRR §§100.3(b)2; 100.4(d)1; 100.5(a)4; 100.5(b)5; 100.5(c)5 

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