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Class field trips, planned for specific educational purposes, can be an integral part of the school program, and are encouraged. They should pertain to a specific element of the curriculum. All requests for field trips must receive prior approval from the building principal.

Transportation for field trips shall be provided by the district. Other arrangements such as private and public transportation may be used, but approval by designated school officials is necessary.

Overnight Trips

School sponsored overnight trips require the approval of the Superintendent and the Board. A preliminary written proposal for a field trip must be approved by the Principal and the Superintendent of Schools. Final approval by the Board of Education will be required after details of student participation, confirmed itinerary and costs, chaperones and general parent support are available. The costs for overnight trips of extracurricular organizations will be borne by the participants or the sponsoring organization.

Planning for All Trips

Planning of all trips should begin far enough in advance of the proposed trip dates, in order that fund raising activities may be carried on if there are students who wish to participate who cannot pay the proposed cost. No students shall be denied the opportunity to participate because of inability to pay the proposed fees.

Insurance Coverage

Where a school trip is to be out of the state, it is necessary that the insurance company (agent) be put on notice of the destination of the trip, dates, student participants, chaperones, and the nature of the trip 30 days prior to the trip, and with the approval of the Board of Education.

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