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The Board of Education establishes an annual professional performance review plan to improve instruction through the improvement of professional performance.

Objectives of Annual Professional Performance Review

• To sustain a positive view towards pedagogical improvement.

• To identify short and long range goals of the teacher, the administrator, and the school, and to improve upon the strengths and areas that need improvement in our teaching and administrative staffs.

• To produce students demonstrating continuous improvement in academic achievement as guided by the New York State Learning Standards.

Criteria and Procedures

Criteria for professional review will be developed according to Commissioner’s Regulations to reflect the best state of knowledge about teaching procedures, instruction, student learning, and administrative practice, as appropriate. Review procedures will include a description of the review activities, the methods used to record review results, and the processes used to implement the program and allow professionals the opportunity to comment on their review.

Professional review criteria and procedures will be outlined in the Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) section of the Comprehensive District Education Plan (CDEP). The procedures and guidelines for formal observations and evaluations of teachers and administrators shall be those agreed to with the employee organization(s) representing such professional staff and set forth in their respective collective bargaining agreements.

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Education Law §3031
8 NYCRR §100.2(o)(1) 

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