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The Board of Education, as the governing body of the school district, is legally responsible for the selection of library materials, including the selection and approval of printed and non-printed materials for its use. Accordingly, the Board sets forth the following guidelines for the selection of library materials:

1. Library materials should be selected on a needs basis taking into consideration the varied interests, abilities, and maturity levels of the students served. Materials that support the curriculum should receive first priority and are selected from faculty requests, suggestions, and observed weaknesses in the library collection.

2. Pleasure reading should be selected when funds permit to encourage reading and an active use of the library.

3. Critical review sources should be used in selecting library materials.

4. Materials may also be selected on the basis of faculty or student recommendations but should be checked beforehand by the librarian.

5. Materials dealing with local history should be routinely purchased to develop a sense of cultural heritage and for use in local history courses. Such materials are also popular with the school community as a whole and are frequently used.

6. Ordering from advertisements is the least reliable method of selection and should be done only when it appears that the materials ordered will significantly improve the library collection.

7. Permabound paperbacks should be ordered whenever possible instead of regular paperbacks because they hold up longer and cost less than hardcover materials.

8. The collection will be in continuous evaluation to provide for up-to-date material in all areas, changing emphasis in school curriculum, new instructional methods and any other current needs of teachers and students.

9. The selection process will be continuous.

10. Final responsibility for the purchase of materials will rest with the library staff who are professionally trained and are knowledgeable about the educational objectives and program of the school.

11. Sufficient duplicate copies of materials must be available to meet the needs of students and teachers.

The Superintendent will develop regulations in order to respond to any complaints about, or challenges to, the selection of library materials. Such regulations will establish a complaint procedure and provide for a committee to review such complaints or challenges.

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Education Law §§1709(15); 1711(5)(f)
Board of Educ., Island Trees UFSD v. Pico, 457 US 853 (1982)

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