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The minimum number of students required to be enrolled as of June 15th for the following school year in any middle school or high school credit-bearing course will be twelve (12). If fewer than twelve (12) students enroll in such a class, that class will not be offered during that semester (for a half-year course) or school year (for a full-year course).

If two or more courses are offered simultaneously by the same teacher within the same class period, the total number of students for that class period will not be fewer than twelve (12) students.

A district administrator may request that an exception be made to this policy on a case by case basis by the Board of Education. The Board of Education will consider such administrative requests for an exception to this policy based upon information presented by the respective administrator and the superintendent of schools, as well as the Board’s evaluation of the fiscal impact of such a decision during the school year in question.

The following information will be provided to the Board of Education for any and all administrative requests for exceptions to this policy:

• Name of class/course

• Description of course content, including New York State Learning Standards to be addressed

• Number of students interested in enrolling in the class/course

• Justification for making the exception to this policy

• Impact upon other classes

Classes/courses that are exempt from this policy include, but are not limited to, distance learning classes, classes that are required for graduation and that will not be offered again prior to the students’graduation, and independent study courses. In addition the policy does not apply to such non-credit-bearing programs such as academic intervention services, special education services, or any other program required by the state or federal government.

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