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The Board of Education supports a collaborative approach to curriculum and program development. Accordingly, the Superintendent will ensure the appropriate inclusion of building principals, teachers, students and the community in the development of curricula and programs that meet the New York State Learning Standards and the school district community needs. The Superintendent shall promote a continuing review and upgrading of such curricula and programs.

Curriculum Development

The Superintendent shall be responsible for curriculum development through the Administration and staff. Curriculum changes shall be submitted to the Board of Education for final adoption in accordance with law.

Adoption of New Programs and Schedule Changes

In order to foster experimentation with new educational programs and schedules designed to improve the overall quality of the education program, the Board will hear a presentation by the Superintendent or his/her representative and will approve a trial period of not more than three years for any program changes and major schedule changes (e.g. Long Block, Semester Block, Summer Program, After School Programs, etc.), subject to the following conditions:

1) All changes shall be reviewed by an appropriate shared decision making committee chosen by the Superintendent;

2) A written plan shall be submitted to the Board that clearly identifies:

a) An educational deficiency or program improvement desired;

b) The specific actions to be taken and how they will address the present deficiency;

c) The specific means to objectively evaluate the effectiveness of the changes planed;

d) The opinion of the appropriate shared decision making committee;

3) The plan must be communicated to the parents of children that will be affected, including the children of the next school year;

4) Budgetary and collective negotiations issues must be resolved before implementation.

5) The changes recommended must be in compliance with the laws, rules and regulations of the State of New York.

At the conclusion of a trial period, the Board shall decide upon permanent adoption of the changes or direct that they be rescinded. The Board may extend an initial trail period up to an additional three-year trial period.

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Education Law §§1709(3); 1711(5)

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