Clubs and Activities

Please click on the following link to download a printer-friendly version of the 2019-2020 Extracurricular Activities Catalog.

 2019-2020 Extracurricular Catalog

Below is information on clubs and activities offered at Rhinebeck High School. 


Advisor: Ms. Kathy Giles

The Art Club is a welcoming and open-ended, creative environment for high school students to come and express themselves artistically.  

Mtg Time/Location: Wednesdays, 2:35 - 3:30pm in Room 131
Typical activities:

Community-oriented projects: past projects include school murals and life-size tape sculptures, decorations and backdrops for the Senior Citizen Prom and Sinterklaas panels. Fund-raising projects have included making and selling jewelry, magnets and handmade cards; hand painted potted plants; hosting guest speakers to present workshops; advocating for the arts.

Advisor: Mr. Ed Lackaye

Each month the AV Club produces variety of content proposed by and written by students. Students also have the opportunity to act in any created content. Students can learn how to film and edit 4K footage using the Adobe Premiere Pro program as our editing software.

Mtg Time/Location:

AV Club meets every Friday afternoon in the AV Room

Advisor: Mr. Scott Milici

Mission: To provide a structured extracurricular opportunity for students to create music in a smaller ensemble format.  The musical selections and instrumentation are student generated.  Students are encouraged to learn new instruments including guitar, bass, drum set and piano as well as vocals.  Music could also take the format of acappella arrangements, and various other combinations of voice and instrumentation. All students are invited to join the Choir Club. Please see Mr. Milici about joining if you are not in band or chorus.  Your commitment is required.

Mtg Time/Location: Tuesdays 2:40 - 3:30 Choir Room
Typical Activities:

The group works on a few student/advisor generated musical selections.  Typically, at least one will include a rock band style accompaniment.  Students are encouraged to try new instruments (guitar, bass, ukulele, drums, etc.) and to create/sing in harmony.

Advisor: Mrs. Sarah Wheeler

Our club offers creative space and support for writers of all grades and skill levels.  Whether we consider writing a fun hobby, a potential professional pursuit, or a lifelong practice, we wish to explore and celebrate writing with others.  As writers, we will experiment with new styles and genres; as readers, we will look for inspiration from other authors’ works.  Our members can take active roles in planning club events and experiences.

Mtg Time/Location:

Creative Writing Club will meet in Room 105 after school on Thursdays. Occasional "dinner meetings" will be held at 4:30-6:30 pm to accommodate our members' tight and varied schedules.

Typical Activities:

Writing to prompts, writing in a variety of forms, writing from a range of perspectives and voices, sharing writing we have read and liked, imitating the work of our favorite authors, finding new readers for our writing, whether through publication or collaboration with other student groups, incorporating other media (i.e. visual arts, music) into our work, listening to each other’s work and applauding with fierce enthusiasm.

Advisor: Mr. Ed Lackaye

To develop a variety of debate techniques for use in Bard’s annual Debate Tournament. To understand how to properly construct a competent and effective argument.

Mtg Time/Location:

Thursdays in Room 102

Typical Activities:

Participate in mock debates with each other and with local high schools, work with a member of the Bard Debate Team to develop debate techniques, and attend the annual Bard Debate Tournament to compete against other local high schools.

Advisor: Ms. Cynthia Baer

Beginning in mid-September – mid-November Acting Rehearsals will be held on Wednesday nights from 6:30pm – 8:30pm. Theater games, improvisation bits and movement are included as we work on a series of short plays. Rehearsals will also be scheduled for individual work on Thursdays after school. Everyone is welcome.

Mtg Time/Location:

Rehearsals: Wednesday Evenings, September 18 – November 14, 2019.

6:30pm – 8:30pm.

Typical Activities

 A Fall play to be performed in November.

Each year the Drama Club produces a full scale modern American musical.

One important note about the Drama Club is that everyone who is interested can be involved. If a student wants to perform, we find a spot for him or her on the stage; musicians have the opportunity to play in the pit band. Stage Crew is another opportunity for involvement.

Host the Annual BMS/ HS Talent Show in late fall

Present a Black Box Theater; an intimate night of poetry and monologues, featuring final contestants for the Poetry Out-Loud competition and Drama Club members.

Advisor: Ms. Amy Christie

Through a variety of activities, increase environmental issue awareness in our school.

Mtg Time/Location: Every other Monday in Room 126
Typical Activities: Fundraiser for various environmental issues, garden care, Plan guest speakers, increase awareness of recycling in our building, Environmental Tip of the Week, Earth Day Activities, and Movie Nights.
Advisor Mr. Ernest Welch 

To promote French cultures around the world.  To learn more about French history, culture, society, etc. We enjoy snacks and baked goods brought in by our members and listen to French-speaking musical artists. We’d like to see French promoted everywhere!  Vive le français!

Mtg Time/Location:  Once a week in Room 107 alternate Mondays and Wednesdays.
Typical Activities

Crêpe stand, a “fête française” for the school, movie screenings, French cuisine, email/Facebook pen pals, painting a mural, field trips, and raise money for charities in less-advantaged francophone countries.

Advisor: Mr. Ernest Welch

The Rhinebeck Gay Straight Alliance is a club in which everyone is heard and accepted. It is a place where you can be yourself without pressure to impress or the feeling that you may be judged. It’s a safe environment made by students and run by students. Our purpose is to support and encourage the LGBTQ community within our school and keep Rhinebeck aware of issues that are important.

Mtg Time/Location:

GSA meets in Room 107 Fridays.

Typical Activities:

Activities to raise awareness of the LGBTQ community and to increase inclusiveness among all students like Day of Silence and New Paltz Pride.

Advisor: Ms. Katelin Grande

A club whose purpose is to shed light on the lack of, and necessity for, gender equality throughout the world. GEC is a place for students to promote discussion, engage in meaningful debate, empower each other, and reach out to organizations and people advocating for gender equality locally and globally.

Mtg Time/Location:

Every Wednesday at 2:45 in room 147 (except for the first Wednesday of the month)

Typical Activities:

Discussion of current events and ideas regarding gender equity, and organizing fundraising events and drives to benefit national and international organizations, engaging in book clubs, attending local conferences.

Advisor:  Mr. Sean Hogan

The jazz band will perform a wide range of music, centering on jazz, blues, and latin styles, at multiple performances through the year. During rehearsals, we have the opportunity to explore new types of music as well as improvisation. All band students are welcome in the jazz band, as well as bass, guitar, and piano players.

Mtg Time/Location:

Mondays or Wednesdays after school in Band Room

Typical Activities: Rehearse jazz band repertoire in a fun, inclusive environment.
 Advisor: Ms. Tina Reilly

The Rhinebeck High School Drama Club is the largest single activity in the Rhinebeck Central School District, typically involving more than 75 students, grades 9 - 12, in its annual Spring Musical production.    

Mtg Time/Location: Monday & Wednesday afternoons, 3pm – 5pm / Tuesday & Thursday evenings, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm Set Design and Tech Crews meet: Sundays, 12 noon – 5 pm. Auditions begin in the late fall with principal roles assigned in December, before the winter holiday vacation. Rehearsals commence in early January, and will typically be held on Monday and Wednesday afternoons and Tuesday and Thursday evenings, depending on availability. Not everyone will need to be at every rehearsal until we get closer to the show. There will be a few full-day rehearsals on Saturdays, especially as we get closer to production. Stage Crew usually meets on Sundays from 1pm to 5 pm. 
Typical Activities: Each year the Drama Club produces a full scale modern American musical.

Mr. Gideon Moor


The RHS Model United Nations (UN) Club’s mission is to increase awareness, understanding, tolerance, and acceptance of the world's peoples, cultures, beliefs, values and attitudes, raise student awareness of global issues and disputes, and promote student understanding of the diplomatic mechanisms available for international cooperation.

Mtg Time/Location:

1 per week (usually Wednesdays 2:40-3:20pm) Room 104

Typical Activities:

Club members will:

  • take the roles of "ambassadors" from around the world and participate in simulated United Nations conferences
  • research the diplomatic priorities of different countries and write position papers simulating policies and UN resolutions that would advance those goals
  • orally present country positions and debate potential resolutions to international disputes
  • develop an understanding of parliamentary procedures
  • discuss contemporary international affairs and examine same from a variety of national and group perspectives.
  • practice analytical reasoning, problem solving, and negotiation.

Model UN Club Website

Advisor: Ms. Bobbie Bie
Mission: The National Honor Society recognizes juniors and seniors who have achieved excellence in scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Eligible students can apply in the fall of their junior or senior year.
Mtg Time/Location:

FIRST Tuesday of the month 7:10 - 7:45 AM Room 146

Typical Activities: Service projects for the benefit of the community
Advisor: Mrs. Meg Rodier
Mission: The Peer Mentor Club is comprised of 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students who are faculty nominated as they are in good academic standing and serve the school community as positive role models. Peer mentors are trained during the summer in communication skills, problemsolving skills, rapport building, and how to manage their roles and responsibilities as mentors.
Mtg Time/Location: Ongoing and Varied
Typical Activities: Helping new students adjust to the high school. Provide afterschool homework help at BMS. Work with students who need tutoring and mentoring in the middle and high schools.
Advisor: Ms. Sarah Wheeler

To publish and print online issues of the Rhinebeck Reality newspaper in order to inform, educate and entertain. We hope our coverage of local and national events informs the student body and inspires them to express their own voices as journalists.

Mtg Time/Location:

All are welcome on Thursdays in Room 105. Editors will meet several times on successive days to layout and publish the issue.

Typical Activities:

Brainstorming story ideas, encouraging independent and collaborative research, writing, interviewing, and photographing subjects of interest to produce articles for the paper.

Advisor: Mr. Jason Stevenson

The RHS Science Club’s Mission is to provide a setting outside of the classroom to further explore science through  research and experimentation, and with fewer set expectations and time restraints.  

Mtg Time/Location:

Once per week (usually on Monday) - 2:35-3:15 Room 136

Typical Activities:
  • Club Updates
  • Fundraisers
  • Science Activity Suggestions
  • Engage in student selected science activities
  • Talk about what we've learned and how activities could be improved
  • The Rhinebeck Discovery Festival
Advisor: Mr. Matthew Fisher (Sr. Pescador)

The RHS Spanish Club's mission is to raise money for those in need in the Hispanic Community while maintaining a fun and safe environment for all students. Additionally, the Spanish Club exists to help students achieve success in their Spanish classes.

Mtg Time/Location:

Once per week (usually Wednesdays) - 3-4 weeks per month, 2:35 - 3:15pm (depending on activities) Room 108 - Fisher's classroom

Typical Activities:

Fund-raiser event planning (ideas), Taco Stands, Movie Nights, Spanish Karaoke, Sinterklaas, FIFA -soccer video game tournament, soccer tournament, 5 de mayo Fiesta!, eating walking tacos and culturally diverse food!, community service, learning about South American Countries, listening to Spanish music / watching music videos, Group studying/peer tutoring/general extra help with Spanish classwork.

Advisor: Mr. Sean Hogan

The steel drum band will learn about the steel drums while playing a range of music, from traditional steel drum literature to pop music. We will have the opportunity to perform throughout the year. All students who are interested in learning to play the steel drums are welcome. No prior experience necessary.

Mtg Time/Location: Mondays or Wednesdays after school in RHS Auditorium
Typical Activities: Rehearse steel drum band repertoire in a fun, inclusive environment.
Advisor:  Mr. Gideon Moor
Mission: Provide a democratic form in which students can address those school related issues that affect their lives. Maintain a continuous communication channel from students to faculty members and administrators as well as among the students within the school. Offer a year-long program of social functions and community involvement projects for students.
Mtg Time/Location:

Mondays @ 7:15am in Room 104

Typical Activities: All of RHS's student body is welcome to join the student council as a student representative. In addition, students may run for an office. Offices include that of the grade level offices as well as the council offices. Elections are usually run in early fall. Students who run for class office will be responsible to govern activities that are related to their grade level, and are voting members of the student council. SC members oversee the entire student government and the agendas they run. Examples of activities the SC has carried out: Buying TV's for Lunch room, having microwave in lunch room, Pep Rallies, fundraising (concessions), school dance.
  Class Representatives
Advisor Based upon grade level
Mtg Time/Location

Varies, by class please check with Class Advisor


At each grade level all students are encouraged to be active with their class in planning activities and fundraising.  This group is headed by the class officers and is a branch of Student Council.

Class officers are elected either in late spring or early fall and assume their positions for one year, until the next election.  A President runs together with a Vice President and the Secretary and Treasurer.  Students running for office must write and deliver a speech to their classmates regarding their running platform.  They can run a campaign with posters, stickers etc. prior to the election. A President runs together with a Vice President and the Secretary and Treasurer run independently.  We do not have "co-officers".  

Officers, together with their faculty advisor, facilitate all class activities and fundraisers.  The officers must be responsible, available to attend meetings, and abide by the RHS Constitution (which is attached to this packet).  The Class President is responsible for attending Student Council meetings as well as class meetings.

Download RhinebeckHS Student Council Constitution

Advisor: Mrs. Cynthia Baer
Mission: To create a high-quality full-color yearbook that reflects Rhinebeck High School's 2019-2020 school year. This includes but is not limited to coverage of: prom, graduation, art, extra-curricular activities, sports, clubs, high school musical, and schoolwide events.
Mtg Time/Location:

Mondays, 2:35pm – 3:30pm /as scheduled in Room 151 or 142 based on deadlines and activity. All staff members will work to complete assigned pages. Positions include photographers, designers, sales and promotion. Some of this work can be done remotely can be done remotely using the online design software. A great addition to any art or English related resume!

Typical Activities:

Yearbook design and layout, extensive photography opportunities, proofreading, editing, conducting yearbook sales, reaching out to local businesses for advertising sales and finding the best way to portray our school.


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