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Art Club
Advisor: Mrs. Famiglietti
Mission: To provide students with an opportunity to explore the arts beyond the classroom curriculum.  One of our main goals is to learn about art and how it influences, and is influenced by the world around us.
Meeting Times: Every other Monday, 2:40-3:00pm
Meeting Location: BMS Art Room, Room 207
Typical Activities: Murals throughout the school, knitting for the needy, jewelry making, ceramics, painting, sculpture
Environmental Club
Advisor: Ms. Hahn
Mission: Increase environmental awareness and action among its members as well as the entire school community.
Meeting Times: TBD
Meeting Location: Room 201
Typical Activities: Projects vary seasonally and yearly.  They include participating in established citizen science programs, promoting waste-free lunch days, competing in carbon footprint 'challenges', going on 'trash walks' to clean up the school grounds, and more!
Jazz Band
Advisor: Mrs. Ulrich
Mission Participation in jazz band gives students the opportunity to rehearse and perform a variety of jazz and rock genres, as well as to explore the art of improvisation. Because jazz band is a performing ensemble, it is important that the group maintain consistent attendance from all players. To insure that we are well rehearsed and ready for performances, we ask that students miss no more than two rehearsals per concert period
Meeting Times: Tuesdays, 2:40-3:10pm
Meeting Location: BMS Band Room
Typcial Activities: Weekly after-school rehearsals, winter concert performance, spring concert performance
Peer Leadership Club
Advisor: Mr. Frischknecht
Mission: Peer Leadership is a club that focuses on service, positive role modeling, and helping others in our school and community.
Meeting Times: Twice monthly, typically on Monday
Meeting Location: Room 206
Typical Activities: Community building activities, bullying awareness, collection drives for the needy, fundraising, New Student Orientation
Student Council
Advisor: Mr. Wiesenthal
Mission: The Bulkeley Middle School Student Council is a student run club that focuses on teamwork and positive school relationships, through the organization of school events and community outreach. This club is open to all middle school students and is a great way to get involved here at Bulkeley!
Meeting Times: Meets 2-3 times a month after school from 2:40-3:10pm
Meeting Location: Room 217
Typical Activities: Hosting school dances, sports tournaments, talent showcases, spirit events and food drives.
Advisor: Mrs. Fountain
Mission: Create the best yearbook possible
Meeting Times: Varies, most work done during lunch and study hall
Meeting Location: Guidance office
Typical Activities: Create yearbook
Advisor: Mr. Frischknecht
Mission: To teach students, through hands-on experience and discussion, about the four branches of anthropology and their practical applications.
Meeting Times: Every other Friday, 2:40-3:10pm
Meeting Location: Room 206
Typical Activities: Garbology study, visiting Bard archaeology students, guest speakers, cultural exchange with Madagascar
Choir Club
Advisor: Mr. Milici
Mission: To provide a structured extracurricular opportunity for students to create music in a smaller ensemble format. The musical selections and instrumentation are student generated. Students are encouraged to learn new instruments including guitar, bass, drum set and piano as well as vocals. Music could also take the format of acappella arrangements, and various other combinations of voice and instrumentation. All students are welcome- you do not need to be in choir to join. Your commitment is required.
Meeting Times: Thursdays, 2:40-3:10pm
Meeting Location: Choir Room
Typical Activities: The group works on a few student/advisor generated musical selections. Typically, at least one will include a rock band style accompaniment. Students are encouraged to try new instruments (guitar, bass, ukulele, drums, etc.) and to create/sing in harmony
Creative Writing
Advisor: Mrs. Kaake
Mission: To provide inspiration and encouragement to those students who choose to write as a form of self-expression. It will be a place to share thoughts, ideas, fragments or finished works of poetry, fiction, memoir, et al. It will provide student writers with a supportive audience of their peers as well as personal feedback in a safe environment.
Meeting Times: Twice a month, 2:40-3:10pm
Meeting Location: Room 203
Typical Activities: Sharing and discussing original (student) writing:  poetry, stories, memoir, etc., celebrating each other's growth and success, sharing and discussing books, poems, and other literature, cooperative and independent writing activities with prompts, word games and snacking!
Advisor: Mrs. Koegel
Meeting Times: Tuesdays, 2:40-3:10pm
Meeting Location: Room 205
Typical Activities:  
School Store
Advisor: TBD
Meeting Times:  
Meeting Location:  
Typical Activities:  


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