Volunteer Presenters Sought for BMS Artists-in-Action Day

Each spring, Bulkeley Middle School invites parents and community members to school to share their work, skills, knowledge and experiences with BMS students around a common theme.  These special days are on a three-year rotation so that by the time a student moves on to high school, he/she will have experienced each of the three days: Artists in Action Day, Career Day, and Health & Wellness Day.  We hope to provide opportunities for students to imagine possibilities for themselves, assist them in making good choices, and foster the development of motivation and persistence needed to succeed in their efforts.


This year, Artists in Action Day will be held on Friday, March 20th, 2015.


We hope to provide an experience that enables students to imagine creative possibilities for themselves.  Each day has a similar structure beginning with a keynote speaker at 7:30 am, followed by small groups (10-15) of students moving from one presenter to another throughout the remainder of the morning.  Our school will be transformed into multiple studios with a variety of artistic offerings.  Each presenter is responsible for seven short presentations, approximately 20 minutes each.  Presenters are asked to bring props, tools, materials, models, examples… making the program as “hands-on” and interactive as possible.  We will provide a parent helper for each presenter and are available to help provide talking points, discussion topics, equipment, etc.  Students are dismissed at 11:15 am, at which time presenters are invited to a luncheon with the BMS staff. 


If you are interested and available on March 20th, 2015, please consider sharing your work, skills, knowledge and/or experience with our students.  Please complete the information on the attached card and contact us as soon as possible so that we may contact you with more information.  Please call or email the BMS office if you would like to participate.  Thank you!


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