BMS Annual "Top Chef" Competition features 53 BMS Students, 35 Entries, and 9 Celebrity Judges

On Monday evening, March 18, 2019, BMS held its 10th Annual Top Chef competition.  This activity was started years ago to encourage healthy choices and balanced nutrition, to increase serving size awareness and label reading, to connect students with members of the local culinary community, and to develop a sense of team work, bonding and community amongst students with a similar interest.  It’s quickly become a student favorite! 


This year, 53 middle school students participated, submitting 35 entries, both record highs.  Entries were submitted in two categories: main/side dish and dessert.  Celebrity judges included guest chefs from local restaurants, as well as Culinary Institute grads, faculty members, and parents.


The judges:

Larry Anthony, Director of RCSD Food Services

Josh Kroner, Owner and chef of Terrapin

Marc Burg, Assistant Principal

Gideon Moor, MS/HS Teacher

Isobel Usawicz, Family & Consumer Science Teacher

Heather Casto, Chef, caterer and owner of The Chocolate Mousse

Sal Passalacqua, Former Owner and Chef @ Tony’s Pizzeria & Restaurant in Highland Falls

Dee Kaake, Grade 8 ELA Teacher

Sarah Hutchings, Parent


The BMS student winners:


Dessert A

#1 Francisca Dickens, Dulce de Leche Cheesecake

#2 Nate Strassberger, Grasshopper Pie

#3 Leila Eshel & Denver Bacca, Chocolate Mousse Cake


Dessert B

#1 Riona Hack, Cinnamon Buns               

#2 Alexa Hartman, Blueberry Pie

#3 Fiona Murray & Gretah Kilmer, Chocolate Mousse



#1 Parker Gutterman, Chicken Mole Tostadas

#2 Annie Prezzano & Zoe Ulrich, Sweet Potato & Bean Enchiladas

#3 Dhru Patel, Tandoori Chicken


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