1/4/19 Update: Governor Vetoes Senate and Assembly Bills That Would Have Excluded BOCES Capital Project Expenses from School District Tax Levy Caps Statewide


We have just found out that Governor Cuomo has vetoed legislation approved by both the Senate and the Assembly to exclude local BOCES Capital Project costs from the tax levy cap of local school districts.  We appreciate your efforts to contact the Governor to urge his signature on these companion bills from both houses of the legislature.  We will continue to work with our area legislators to seek the reintroduction of these bills with modifications that might make them more palatable to the Governor.  




The Rhinebeck Central School District and its students need your help, and a two minute telephone call is all it will take!


Rhinebeck CSD is a component school district of the Dutchess County Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES). The Rhinebeck school district’s BOE has asked Governor Cuomo to sign Senate Bill S.7730 (Murphy) and its Assembly companion bill, A.9825 (Galef).


If signed by the Governor, this legislation will make an adjustment to the implementation of the property tax cap across the State by counting BOCES capital project costs the same way in which a school district’s capital project costs are calculated.


Currently, New York State allows school districts to exclude their capital construction costs from the tax cap calculation. When initially implemented, the State interpreted the exclusion to include only a school districts’ capital expenditures, not those that component school districts make to fund the capital expenditures related to their BOCES facilities.


BOCES encourages efficiencies in program delivery and administrative operations through the use of shared services. BOCES also provide direct services and programs to nearly 100,000 students statewide each day. The Rhinebeck Central School District relies on our BOCES for many supports, including the provision of specialized programs such as occupational training and special education for our students. The Rhinebeck BOE wants to be able support our BOCES and their facilities’ needs.


All students, including Rhinebeck’s students, should be able to access their education in safe and modern facilities, regardless of whether those programs and services are delivered in a district or in a BOCES building. However, by not allowing a school district to include its BOCES capital costs as a tax levy cap exemption forces a school district to choose between programs for BOCES students and for the students who receive their programs and services in district.


In light of the recent overwhelming 5:1 approval across the county last week, the Dutchess BOCES capital project will provide much needed modifications to improve security, address ADA compliance, and enhance aging and inefficient instructional facilities. We encourage you to support our students and programs in our home school, as well as at Dutchess BOCES, by encouraging the Governor to sign S.7730/A.9825.

So please call Governor Cuomo’s office at 212-681-4580, and give the representative answering the telephone your name and address, then tell him or her that you want the Governor to sign Senate Bill S.7730 and Assembly Bill A.9825 into law. These bills already have been passed by the Senate and the Assembly and have been on the Governor’s desk, unsigned, for months.


This telephone call will take only two minutes of your time. Thank you for your commitment to public education and to Rhinebeck’s students and programs.


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