Rhinebeck School District Outlines Payment Options for 2018-19 School Taxes

In an effort to improve tax collection efficiencies and school security, the Rhinebeck CSD wishes to limit access to the Rhinebeck High School/Bulkeley Middle School building for the annual collection of school taxes as much as possible. As a result, we are encouraging all taxpayers to assist us in the annual tax collection process by considering and using the following methods to minimize the in-person payment of school tax bills at the RCSD Tax Collector’s office:

Why does the tax bill direct me to mail my tax payment to a PO Box in Buffalo?  M&T, our local bank, has its tax lock box collection service located at its headquarters in Western New York. This service is provided at no additional cost to the District.

What if I want to pay my taxes in person? The tellers at the Rhinebeck M&T branch, located at 6375 Mill Street, Rhinebeck, NY, will be glad to take your tax payment check or money order, but are not allowed to accept cash payments unless you are an M&T Bank customer, due to federal banking regulations.

What if I want to pay in cash, but I’m not an M&T Bank customer?  We will take a cash payment in person at the RCSD Tax Collector's office if you need to pay in cash. The RCSD Tax Collector’s office is located at the Rhinebeck Central School District Office, in the Rhinebeck High School/Bulkeley Middle School building, at 45 North Park Road, Rhinebeck, NY.

What if I need to pay in person at the school? Please enter the District Office, located on the right hand side of the building while entering the school campus, next to the track. Walk up a short stairway to the door labelled “Community Room” and ring the bell. Taxpayers who need a handicapped accessible entrance should use the main entrance at the front of the school and sign in at the Greeeter’s Desk once inside the building. The days and hours that the RCSD Tax Collector’s office is open are different from the collection days and hours at M&T Bank in Rhinebeck. Please see the information below.

Does that mean that I can also pay by check at the Tax Collector's office like I have for years?  You can. However, instead of paying in person, we would appreciate it if taxpayers would either mail their tax payment check or money order to M&T Bank, PO Box 2245 Buffalo, NY 14240 or drop their check or money order off at M&T Bank located in Rhinebeck at 6375 Mill Street, Rhinebeck, NY.

Why are you asking taxpayers to use M&T Bank to make their school tax payments?  The purpose of the tax collection being handled by and/or at M&T Bank is twofold. First, the M&T Bank is more centrally located, has more parking, and is open longer hours and more days each week than the school district’s Central Office. Secondly, using M&T Bank, either by mail or in person, will reduce the amount of foot traffic through the school building while school is in session and minimize security concerns on our school campus. That said, we will take cash, check, or money order payments at the RCSD Tax Collector’s office as needed.


M&T Bank Tax Collection

6375 Mill Street, Rhinebeck, NY

Monday – Thursday, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Friday, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Saturday, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Closed Sundays; M&T Bank is also closed on Monday, October 8th.


District Office Tax Collection 45 North Park Road, Rhinebeck, NY

(Please follow the signage and enter through the District Office located on the right hand side of the building near the track, and enter the door labelled “Community Room.”)

Monday - Friday 9:00 am – 12:00 noon & 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Closed Saturdays and Sundays

Due to school holidays, the RCSD Tax Collector’s office will be closed on Monday, September 10th, Wednesday, September 19th, and Monday, October 8th.


Please call (845) 871-5520 ext. 5527 with any questions.


845.871.5520 - District
845.871.5520 ext. 5527 - Transportation
845.871.5570 ext. 6560 - Registration
845.871.5570 ext. 6551 - Special Education
845.871.5570 ext. 6560 - Curriculum & Instruction


Mailing: P.O. Box 351, Rhinebeck, NY 12572
Physical: 45 N. Park Rd., Rhinebeck, NY 12572


845.871.5570 - Chancellor Livingston Elementary
845.871.5500 - Bulkeley Middle School
845.871.5500 - Rhinebeck High School