Students Compete in Anti-Bullying Poster Contest to Win PE Grant for CLS; Online Votes Are Needed Now!

Mr. Kevin Yarnell and Mr. Ryan Edson, CLS PE staff, would like to inform everyone of another grant opportunity they are pursuing for the CLS PE Department.  Before summer vacation, students in grades 3-5 who wanted to participate were invited to create an Anti-Bullying poster for the Allstate Sign Anti-Bullying Poster Contest Grant.  Ms. Fawn Johnson, CLS Art teacher, Mr. Edson, and Mr. Yarnell reviewed the submissions to choose the top three posters. The three students whose posters were chosen were: Evelyn Cooper (rising 6th grader), Alexis Martinez (rising 6th grader), and Frances Nathan (rising 4th grader).


There are three chances to win in this grant.  The first place prize is a $2,000 cash grant and 15 copies of the winning poster sign printed free. The second place prize is $250 Allstate Sign credit and 10 copies of the winning poster sign printed free. The third place prize is 10 copies of the winning poster sign printed free.


The winning entries from CLS have been uploaded to Allstate's Facebook page and they are now open for voting.  Votes can be cast for each poster submission as many times as possible.  Each poster is labeled on the site "Chancellor Livingston Elementary School #1, #2, or #3."  The link to access the voting page for the grant can be viewed by clicking here:


Mr Yarnell and Mr. Edson feel that this would be another great opportunity for us to win "free money" to help continue to enhance the work of the CLS Physical Education Department and their program.  They would possibly like to use this money to purchase physical activity fitness monitors to track the students' steps, calories burned, and daily activity. Thank you in advance for voting to support this effort.




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