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BOE School Start Time Ad Hoc Committee Meeting Information and Minutes

BOE School Start Time Ad Hoc Committee General Information

School Start Time Ad Hoc Committee

School Start Time Ad Hoc Committee presentation on December 8, 2015 and link to youtube video.


Meeting DateMeeting TypeAgendaMinutesOther Files
March 21, 2017Sub-Committee Mtg.Minutes
March 6, 2017Sub-Committee Mtg. Minutes
January 4, 2017Sub-Committee Mtg.Minutes
December 14, 2016Sub-Committee Mtg.Minutes
November 22, 2016Sub-Committee Mtg.Minutes
September 20, 2016Sub-Committee Mtg.Minutes
July 28, 2016Sub-Committee Mtg.Minutes
June 2, 2016Sub-Committee Mtg.Minutes
January 7, 2016Sub-Committee Mtg.Minutes
December 15, 2015Sub-Committee Mtg.Minutes
November 17, 2015Sub-Committee Mtg.Minutes
October 22, 2015Sub-Committee Mtg.Minutes
September 24, 2015Sub-Committee Mtg.Minutes
August 11, 2015Sub-Committee Mtg.Minutes
June 11, 2015Sub-Committee Mtg.Minutes
March 13, 2015Sub-Committee Mtg.Minutes
February 20, 2015Sub-Committee Mtg.Minutes
December 19, 2014Sub-Committee Mtg.Minutes
November 21, 2014Sub-Committee Mtg.Minutes

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