Communicating with BOE Members

Generally, the Board of Education recognizes the right of district residents to make individual or group complaints, comments or objections about instruction, district programs, instructional materials, operations, and/or staff members. In accordance with District Policies, time is alloted at every Board Meeting for public comments. The main goal of the district is to resolve complaints with only the parties involved, whenever possible. Public complaints and concerns will therefore be directed to the proper administrative personnel.

Comments about Board practices should be directed to the Board of Education. Please feel free to attend the next meeting, or contact any member in the manner most convenient to you. You may also choose to contact all the board members at once.

Concerns about District Policies should be directed to the Superintendent of Schools for proper research. Please do so in writing, stating a specific problem and a specific policy.

Complaints, comments and/or concerns about District personnel must be handled with care to avoid potentially costly legal actions. Accordingly, they will not be accepted during public Board Meetings. Complaints should be directed to the appropriate administrator -- the Principal, in the case of a teacher or staff employee; the Superintendent, in the case of a Principal or any other employee including teachers; or the Board of Education in the case of the Superintendent. If the Board of Education receives a complaint about an employee of the district, it will be referred to the Superintendent.

Concerns about teaching methodology or classroom practices should be directed first to the teacher involved. Many times, a simple clarification will resolve the issue. If the matter is not resolved satisfactorily, the complainant may then contact the Building Principal. If there is still no resolution, the Superintendent of Schools may be contacted.

Complaints and concerns about curricula or instructional materials, including textbooks, library material or any other instructional material should be directed to the Superintendent. There is a specific district procedure regarding such complaints.

Questions or concerns related to transportation schedules should be directed to Gianna  Nassani, Total Transportation Co. (845-204-9660).

Questions or concerns regarding changes in bus stops or bus routes should be directed to Ms. Susan Cross, Transportation Clerk (845-871-5520, ext. 5527) or Mr. Thomas Burnell, Assistant Superintendent for Support Services (845-871-5520, ext. 5523).