BOE Priorities

Social-Emotional Well-Being

The Board of Education and District will prioritize social and emotional well-being through the coordination of systems, approaches, and practices that foster a safe and affirming environment.  As part of this priority, the District will emphasize shifts in operations, curriculum, and instruction to integrate opportunities for students and adults to understand and manage emotions, express empathy, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. 



The Board of Education and District will prioritize equity, and create an environment that provides the climate, processes, and content to enable each student and employee to perform at their highest level. As part of this priority, school operations, curriculum, instruction and professional learning will be considered through the lens of equitable access, processes, treatment, and opportunities for all regardless of gender, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, religious beliefs or practices, disability status, gender identity, or sexual orientation.   


The Board of Education and District will prioritize the engagement and empowerment of all stakeholders in order to mobilize toward a  socially, economically and ecologically sustainable system for current and future generations. 

Fiscal Responsibility

The Board of Education and District will prioritize fiscal responsibility in navigating the financial challenges presented by providing high quality education amidst declining enrollment while allocating Federal post-pandemic aid revenues creatively and thoughtfully in order to ensure the best possible learning environment and experiences for our students.