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who do I make the PSAT check out to which is due tomorrow

Please make the PSAT check out to "RCSD." Thank you.


I am a Friend of Blithewood Garden and we are having aFamily plein air paintout andgarden tours on Sunday, Sept 29 all afternoon. I have more info and a poster to drop off.Might you advise me to whom I should

District Office 845-871-5520


Is it possible for a student not living in Rhinebeck to attend RCS? Can paying a fee, make this possible?Thank you.

The Rhinebeck Central School District accepts students on a tuition basis, with some restrictions. Contact the District Office (845-871-5520) for more information.


Does Rhinebeck have a pre-k program? If so, how do I obtain information?

Rhinebeck does not have a pre-K program. 


Is there a copy of the district professional development plan available? If so, how may I obtain a copy. Thanks

My apologies that I am just seeing your request at this time.  It looks like your e-mail question went to our spam folder and is just being uncovered now.  In response to your request, I will forward our most up to date CDEP Plan, which satisfies NY State Education Department requirements for the District professional development plan. Again, my apologies for the delay.




Do you know if Easter break will be before Easter or after Easter in 2018? I see that Easter is April 1st. Trying to plan a family vacation for 2018. Thanks.

During the 2017-18 school year, the Rhinebeck school district and the Dutchess County public schools have scheduled Spring break during the week leading up to Easter. This has been the county-wide practice for as long as we can recall.

How many students are arrested by the "resource" police that patrol the school each year and how many of them have special needs?

Our building principals report that our SROs have never made an arrest in any of our three schools. 


I drive bus 🚌 to Primrose school. If you're delayed so are they? Who governs that in your opinion?

The decision is made by the Rhinebeck Superintendent of Schools. See the School News piece on the District website entitled, "'Tis the Season," for a complete explanation of the process.


Regarding "elevator smoke separation: 1. What is their purpose and functionality in the context of the school? 2. How many units? 3. What is their total cost, including installation?

The Elevator Smoke Guard System allows the existing elevator at CLS to meet the current building code, which requires a smoke guard to separate the elevator shaft from the corridor because the corridor is part of the means of egress from the building. The smoke guard drops down from the ceiling in front of the elevator door in the event of a fire and seals the elevator shaft from the corridor. There would be 2 units installed, one at each floor level. Their estimated total installed cost is $10,000.


What's the total cost of the emergency backup generator?

The total cost of the emergency back-up generator is $435,000. 


We recently received a letter describing the water test results at CLS. Was similar testing done at BMS/RHS & if so, when will be made aware of the results? Thank You

According to a new State law that was enacted by Governor Cuomo in late August 2016, all New York State school districts are required to test the water sources in their schools for the presence of lead above certain acceptable levels as determined by the Department of Health. The concern is targeted specifically on drinking water.  as a result, drinking fountains and other sources that could provide water for drinking or cooking are of particular concern. 

All elementary schools were required to be tested by September 30th.  All secondary schools were required to be tested by October 31st. The RCSD met both deadlines.

It took approximately six weeks for the results of the CLS testing to be returned to the District, at which point we notified all parents of CLS students and CLS staff of the results. Anticipating the same turn-around time from laboratories swamped with the required testing, we anticipate receiving the results sometime in early December.  As we did with CLS, we will send a notification to all BMS and RHS parents and staff outlining the results.    


Unhappy with the way you are rushing this vote. We are given only 18 days to review this project. More importantly there is only one presentation and it is 2 days before Thanksgiving! Very bad timing as we will be traveling to visit our daughter. I would like to hear more on this project but feel additional public presentations are required. Otherwise I will be forced to vote no on this project.

Correction - The facilities "walk through is Monday, November 21st, NOT November 19th. Sorry for the typo and any confusion.  


Thank you for your comments. The District now has scheduled two informational presentations before December 6, 2016, the date of the referendum vote. The first will be held on Tuesday, November 22nd at 7 p.m., as you are aware.  However, in response to your feedback, we will hold an additional presentation on Tuesday, November 29th, also at 7 p.m.  Both will be held in the BMS/RHS library. There will be an opportunity for questions and answers at each presentation so that community members can have all of their questions and concerns addressed before the vote.


In addition, there will be a facilities "walk-through" on Monday, November 21st, starting at 4 p.m., to show the areas in both CLS and BMS/RHS where the proposed work is to take place.  The tour will depart from the front entrance of CLS. Additional tours can be scheduled following the Thanksgiving holiday if there is an interest on the part of community members. In addition, District administrators stand ready to answer questions that members of the community may have.  Please call Superintendent Joe Phelan or Assistant Superintendent Tom Burnell at (845) 871-5520 with your questions, to schedule additional presentations or building tours, and/or to share any other input regarding the project.


The timing of the referendum on this proposed project is based on New York State law. The Board of Education is attempting to hold a Capital Project Referendum vote as soon as reasonably possible so that, if the referendum passes, we can start the months-long process of design work, obtaining State approval of the plans, and soliciting bids for the work, in an effort to begin construction by Summer 2018.  The Board of Education believes that it is in the District's interest, as well as in the interest of the taxpayers and the students, to avoid delaying the community's consideration of the project, since delay is likely to result in cost increases and/or affect when construction can begin and be completed.  We'd be happy to speak further to the timing issues at any of the informational sessions or one-on-one.


We hope that all members of the community who want to learn more about the proposed project before the referendum vote on December 6th can avail themselves of one or more of these opportunities to gain information and share their viewpoints.  Thank you again for reaching out.




Do you predict anything yet on closing early ?

An early closing today, Thursday, Oct0ober 27 is highly unlikely, given the forecast for the rest of the day, i.e. the light snow we're getting now, that is not sticking to road surfaces, changing over to rain and temperatures rising. Thanks for asking.


What clubs will there be today Tuesday October 4th?

A comprehensive list of club meeting dates is not yet available.  Please check with the high school office for a list of today's meetings. 


What kind of food will u have at the ptso back to school block party on Friday?

We have no idea. Since this is a PTSO activity, you might want to direct your question directly to the PTSO at their website


What are the dates for the interact club meetings?

Only Sept 13 has been set thus far. Since Interact is a community group and not a school group, it would be best to direct future Interact questions directly to the Interact facebook page.


Is the whole community invited to the ptso back to school block party?



Which day will the ptso back to school block party happen and what time will it start and what time will it end?

The PTSO Block Party is scheduled for next Friday, Sept 16.  Start and end times have not been published yet by the PTSO.


where do I find the school supply list for 9th grade?

According to Dr. Ed Davenport, RHS principal, "Teachers do not post supply lists.  In general, a writing implement and a notebook are used for each class and nothing else more specialized.  Parents can call the main office if they have more detailed questions."


Was Chancellor Livingston closed any day this week due to weather? Thank you,Chris

Yes, all district schools were closed on Monday, April 4 due to snow and associated winter driving conditions.


When is the next creative writing club meeting for the high school?

The Creative Writing Club meets on the third and fourth Wednesdays of the month.

Here is the link on the RHS webpage for information ablut all RHS Clubs:

Club meetings are also listed in the daily bulletin:


If you don't go to Rhinebeck schools can we still go to the septemeber block party?

The Back-to-School Block Party is an event that has been sponsored by the Rhinebeck PTSO. We do not have any information that it will be occurring this year or who will be invited.  In past years, it has been a community event, which means that anyone can attend. Keep an eye out for information in the future.

Are there any plans to give the kids any extra days off to compensate for the snow days they haven't used?

(This information has been on the mainpage of the District website since Wed, March 2) 

Due to the contractual length of the teacher work year, the following dates have been designated by the Board of Education as “No School” days IF no more emergency closing days are needed for the rest of the current school year:

Friday, March 18                  

Monday, March 28                     

Friday, April 22                

Friday, April 29  (Superintendents Conference Day for instructional staff; no school for students; replaces the June 23 &

                                   24 half-day Superintendents Conference Days schedule)

In the event that we have to use additional emergency closing days between now and the end of the school year, the dates listed above will revert to regular school days in the following order:        

  • Friday, March 18
  • Monday, March 28                    
  • Friday, April 22
  • Friday, April 29 (returning to the June 23 & 24 half-day Superintendents Conference Days scheduled

For example, if we experience an emergency closing within the next several weeks, Friday, March 18 would again become a regular day of school for students and staff. If we experience a second emergency closing, Monday, March 28 would again become a regular day of school for students and staff. In the event of a third emergency closing day, Friday, April 22 would again become a regular day of school for students and staff.  In the event of a fourth emergency closing day, Friday, April 29 would again become a regular day of school for students and staff, and instructional staff would report for the scheduled June 23 & 24 half-day Superintendents Conference Days.  

Given the uncertainty of weather and related travel conditions, especially at this time of year, we strongly suggest not committing to plans that can’t be changed for the “give back” emergency closing dates above, should we have to reschedule school on those days due to a need for emergency closing days through the rest of the current school year.

How do you sign up to recieve text messages regarding closings and delays? Fellow students have said it is on the website but I cannot find it. Some teachers were also inquiring about this.

Go to the District website, follow these links (District >>> Forms and Documents >>> Other Forms and Documents <<<School Messenger Setup Instructions) and follow the directions. Contact Donna Ellis if there are any questions or you need additional assistance.


When is the first day of school for the 2016-2017 school year? Specifically kindergarten....thank you

The District calendar for 2016-17 has not yet been finalized by the Board of Education, but should occur by late March/early April. However, it is likely, though not definite at this time, that the first day of school for students will be the Wednesday after Labor Day, September 7, 2016. Please check back in late March/early April after the 2016-17 calendar has been finalized.

When is interact club?

The Rhinebeck Interact Club, sponsored by the Rhinebeck Rotary, is scheduled to meet at 7:30 pm in the BMS cafeteria, as follows: 3/2, 3/30, 4/13, 4/27, 5/11, 5/25, 6/8, and 6/22.

I am just curious what the plan for snow day give back is if we don't use all the snow days. thanks

We're currently working out a tentative plan for the four remaining unused emergency closing days, in conjunction with our employee units. We intend to bring such a plan to the Board of Education for their review and approval, likely at the Feb 23 BOE meeting.  If/when approvd by the Board, we will communicate the information to parents through SchoolMessenger, through our website, and through our Twitter feed.

When is the first interim report?

There is an Events Calendar on the District website main page. If you scroll down, you will see that the first interim reporting for students in Grades 6-12 ends on Oct 9. Teachers input their comments which may take approximately one week to complete. An announcement on the District webpage that is also e-mailed to every parent who has a current e-mail address on file with his/her child's school, as well as a tweet on the District's Twitter feed, will let parents know when the interim report is available through the parent portal. The interim report will also be mailed, but only to those parents who have specifically requested that we do so. 

What is the tax rate for Hyde Park?

The tax rate for the portion of Hyde Park within the boundaries of the Rhinebeck School District: In 2014-15, the rate was 25.169015 per $1,000.00 assessed evaluation In 2015-16, the rate is 25.518828 per $1,000.00 assessed evaluation, an increase of 1.39% over last year.


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Mailing: P.O. Box 351, Rhinebeck, NY 12572
Physical: 45 N. Park Rd., Rhinebeck, NY 12572


845.871.5570 - Chancellor Livingston Elementary
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