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English Language Learners and A.I.S. Reading

Greetings Parents and Friends,

I provide support for our English Language Learners in the Elementary grades and the High School. In addition, I provide Academic Intervention Services (A.I.S.) for Kindergarten through fifth grade.

We are using "Fundations" in our Kindergarten through 3rd grade classes. Fundations is a program designed by Barbara Wilson creator of the Wilson Language System. This system presents a structured, sequential, and cumulative phonics/spelling program using multisensory teaching techniques. One of the program's strong points is its use of varied techniques that keep students interested while they learn the basics of reading. Please know that there is homework for the students on a weekly basis to support the classroom work.

It is very important that  you read to your child as often as possible and you engage your child in conversation which helps increase his or her ability to use language. As your child becomes a reader do continue to read to them. In addition it is helpful to limit your child's screen time, especially in the beginning of their school experience.

Activites to encourage your child's love of reading/writing:

-Leave notes for your child in their lunch box or on their bed.

-Encourage your child to write letters to relatives or friends, (Please be sure they will write back).

-Take your child to the library and introduce them to the wonderful children's magazines  and books that are available for loan or to read during their visit. National Geographic Kids, Ranger Rick and Ladybug are examples of magazines with content of interest to young children and they are generally available at the local library.

-Encourage your older children to read on their own for pleasure. Reading for pleasure is a great way for students to find out the magic that books can bring to their lives. Discuss the books they are reading with them, its an additional way of finding out about what they are interested in.

If you need any help choosing appropriate books and magazines do not hesitate to contact me.

I can be reached at (845) 871-5570 ext.5562. I am available to discuss your child's progress and/or any concerns you might have.

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