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English Language Arts

 In our culture, knowledge is power, and words are the way we access that knowledge.  That’s why reading and writing are so important.  In this class we will read and write daily in order to increase fluency through practice.  We will also share ideas, debate issues, listen to each other, learn new words and play word games.  Since our use of language is thoroughly intertwined with thought processes, we will also be improving our ability to think clearly and draw logical and relevant conclusions.

This website is a tool that can help you be successful in ELA class.  Use the navigation bar on the left to find links and resources such as Accelerated Reader on Renaissance Place.  Some of these are general, such as the "Links" tab, and some are specific to certain projects or units of study.  In addition, you can find upcoming assignments and quiz dates under the calendar and assignments tab.

If you happen to come upon a smiley face somewhere on this website, print it out and bring it to school for extra credit. (BTW - you only get to do this once!)

I am really looking forward to getting to know you!

Ms. Ebel