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Welcome to my website, where you can find all of the information you will need this year for Social Studies class.  Our class covers American History from the Civil War to the present.  Students will read and study historical documents and primary sources, write intensively about history, and create projects to enhance their knowledge as American citizens. 


PERIOD 7 and 8 Students:

Finish your essay and submit it to by January 1st!


ANY late work can be handed in by Friday, 12/22 for credit



On the "My Homework Assignments" page, there is a new document called "Extra Credit for Homework Assignments." In that document there is one extra task for each homework.  Hand them in the day the homework is due for extra points!


 Our first unit is on study skills.  All handouts that cover different skills will be on green paper.


  You can earn extra credit in my class by reading a book from the library in my classroom.  After you complete it, write a one-page, typed report.  Half should be a book review.  The other half should answer this question: If you were a history teacher, would you use it to teach the topic in your class? Why or Why not?

If you can not find a book you like from my classroom, choose a different historical novel or non-fiction text and have me approve it before you complete the assignment.

You will be awarded two points on your average for the quarter for each assignment you complete (limit three per quarter)


On the "Homework Assignments" page there are directions on how to complete test corrections.  It is the last file on the page.


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