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January 15, 2018


Dear Fourth Grade Families,


       I hope everyone had a pleasant long weekend.

       This week will review, and test Part 2 of Unit 7 in Math. In this section of the unit, students learned how to recognize and make equivalent fractions, multiply whole numbers and fractions, and determine the fraction of a set. They also learned how to compare fractions, and connect fractions with decimals. In addition, we practiced reading and interpreting line plots. Lastly, students used of these skills to solve related word problems. We will continue to review on Tuesday and Wednesday. The unit test will take place on Thursday, January 18th. Students should continue practicing basic multiplication and division facts. Knowledge of these facts will be essential as we move forward in the 4th Grade Mathematics curriculum. We’ll continue to have 50-Facts Tests throughout this quarter.

       During Reading, we will continue learning about the elements of myths (characters, setting, problem, events, resolution, theme/moral/lesson). Students will read a variety of myths and practice identifying these components.

       During Writing, students have selected a topic for their independent, opinion writing task. They have been collecting information, and planning their writing. Students are working to include a strong thesis statement, and clear reasons with supporting evidence. In addition, they will incorporate transition words and phrases to enhance their writing and strengthen their argument. Our goal for the week, is to type our first drafts, and begin editing and revising our writing.

       During Social Studies, we will test our Native Americans of New York unit. Review packets are due on Tuesday, January 16th. The unit test will take place on Wednesday, January 17th. Everyone did an amazing job presenting their Native American projects! Nice work everyone!

      We’ll be learning all about plants during our next Science unit! This week, we will learn the unit vocabulary (vocabulary cards should be kept in the front pocket of student planners for review), and set up some fun experiments. We will learn about the important process of photosynthesis, the parts of a plant, and some interesting plant adaptations.

       I am looking forward to fulfilling week of learning together!


Your teacher,


Mrs. Tait 






If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me at school (871-5570 ext. 5202, send in a note with your child, or email me at


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