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Welcome to Kindergarten!


Thanks for visiting my site. Kindergarten is an exciting year for your child. It's their first experience in our school and I want to do everything I can to make it a year of positive growth; academically, socially and emotionally.

Kindergarten is profoundly amazing year.  It's a time of almost unheralded growth.  Our children learn two sets of symbols, numeric and alphabet. They learn sounds for one and visualize amounts for others. They learn to use and navigate those symbols for reading, writing, and math. We start with learning letters and sounds, work up to words, and start learning how to put those words together to make sentences. We learn to think of ourselves as readers and writers. We begin to learn scientific terms and processes through the experience of simple science experiments. Science and social studies are combined into all our learning in thematic units.

Our students must learn to play, cooperate and negotiate with a classroom full of new friends. This sounds simple, right?  It's truly a process and the social piece of Kindergarten is all important. I spend much time in the beginning weeks working on building our class community and setting up the rules and tone of our class. Our Social program at Chancellor is Responsive Classroom.