Mr. Lavazzo's Class Webpage


The Economics and Participation in Government (EPIG) webpage does not update regularly with regard to assignments. Essentially, this course has an ongoing homework assignment in the format of a weekly current events written summary.


All other assignments are expressed on a daily basis and communicated via the whiteboard. Students missing class are expected to exercise adult responsibility by communicating with their peers and/or teacher either prior to or upon their return. In circumstances of prolonged absence, task packets will certainly be provided upon request and with reasonable notice.


This webpage is best suited for those wishing to download the course syllabus, current events assignment sheet, public meeting verification form, visit relevant public webpages, research news topics, and/or access links to information about the films we may analyze in class.


In sum: current events are due on the last academic day of each week; each student must attend at least one public meeting; all assignments are due by the deadline regardless of early dismissal/late arrival; full day absences extend due dates by one school day.


I am proud to be the Economics & Participation in Government Teacher at Rhinebeck High School and it is my pledge to assist all Students in their preparation for College and the Workforce.