CLS PE Department

Turkey Trot Food Drive

Students are asked to bring in food items to donate for the local food pantry. It is not mandatory for all of the students to participate, but it is greatly appreciated by members of the community.


Food Pantry Request: fruit in its own juice, applesauce, stuffing, canned pumpkin, canned evaporated milk, coffee, tea, hot cocoa, juice, creamed corn, turkey broth, chicken broth, turkey gravy, chicken gravy, soup (NO TOMATO), mac n’ cheese, baked beans, canned tomatoes (diced, stewed, sauce), tissues, 3 lb. bags of onions, 5 lb. bags of potatoes, bath soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste


The students will be running the Turkey Trot during their PE classes leading up to Thanksgiving Break. The amount of miles that the students run will be added to the school's Run Across America total.


2017 Food Donation Total: 265 items

Food donations helped feed ** families in the community

2017 Mileage Distance: 0.00 miles


2016 Food Donation Total: 560 items

Food donations helped feed 41 families in the community

2016 Mileage Distance: 521.02 miles


2015 Food Donation Total: 620 items

Food donations helped feed 45 families in the community

2015 Mileage Distance: 489.33 miles


2014 Food Donation Total: 535 items

Food donations helped feed 38 families in the community

2014 Mileage Distance: 438.44 miles