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Whenever you use resources of any kind to complete an assignment, you are required to cite your sources. This means assembling a bibliography and possibly using in-text citation. Not to do so is plagiarism, the act of intentionally or unintentionally using another persons work, ideas, or language without acknowledging the source.


Use one of the following citation generators to create your bibliography. If you have not been told otherwise, use MLA Style.


EasyBib. Login with your school Google account. 




The following tutorials will assist you in compiling your bibliography:

EasyBib: Joining Rhinebeck MS/HS

Using Quick Cite to add Database Citations to NoodleTools

Using Quick Cite to add Gale Database Citations to EasyBib

Downloading from NoodleTools to Google Drive

Citing articles from Grolier Online in NoodleTools

Image Citation: Google Images

Image Citation: Student Resources in Context



Some sources for information on citation and plagiarism:

Duke University Libraries' Guide to Citing Sources

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)


MLA Style Guide