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Model UN

Rhinebeck Model U.N. Club


Welcome to the webpage for RMUN!

Generally, we meet from 2:40pm to 3:30pm on Mondays in Room 104.



The RHS Model United Nations Club’s mission is to increase awareness, understanding, tolerance, and acceptance of the world's peoples, cultures, beliefs, values and attitudes, raise student awareness of global issues and disputes, and promote student understanding of the diplomatic mechanisms available for international cooperation.



 Club members will:

  • take the roles of "ambassadors" from around the world and participate in simulated United Nations conferences
  • research the diplomatic priorities of different countries and write position papers simulating policies and UN resolutions that would advance those goals
  • orally present country positions and debate potential resolutions to international disputes
  • develop an understanding of parliamentary procedures
  • discuss contemporary international affairs and examine same from a variety of national and group perspectives.
  • practice analytical reasoning, problem solving, and negotiation.




For anyone interested in attending the proposed World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates during the 2017-2018 school year,

please find the UPDATED (as of May 23, 2017) Application Package here:

 2017 Application_World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates.pdf


Below is a video created by Rhinebeck students who attended the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Bogota, Colombia (February 2017):