Student Achievement Reports

Student Achievement Reports for the Rhinebeck Central School District prepared by Marvin Kreps, Director of Curriculum and Instruction are available below. In addition you can visit the NYSED Public Data Access Site for school report cards from the state.


 2014-2015 Student Achievement Data

Student Achievement Report 2014-2015
Rhinebeck 3-8 ELA Assessment Data
Rhinebeck 3-8 Math Assessment Data
Rhinebeck Enrollment Data
Rhinebeck Graduation Rate Data
Rhinebeck Report Card Data


Student Achievement Report 2012-13 & 2013-14 School Years
Student Achievement Report 2010-11 School Year | Powerpoint Presentation 2010-2011
Student Achievement Report 2009-10 School Year | Powerpoint Presentation 2009-2010
Student Achievement Report 2008-09 School Year | Powerpoint Presentation 2008-2009
Student Achievement Report 2007-08 School Year
Student Achievement Report 2006-07 School Year

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