2017 Long Range Planning

In Spring 2017, the Rhinebeck Central School District Board of Education resolved to establish an ad hoc Long Range Planning Committee that would undertake the task of studying the District's long-range financial, educational, and programmatic prospects and possibilities.  The backdrops for this decision are:


Board trustees Deirdre d'Albertis, 2017-18 Board President, Laura Schulkind, and Diane Lyons, assisted by Superintendent Joseph Phelan and Assistant Superintendent Thomas Burnell, comprise the Board LRP Committee.  The Committee has started meeting already to establish a process and organizational structure for collecting relevant data. Input from school staff and members of the community will be gathered during the 2017-18 school year and beyond in order to develop a Long Range Strategic Plan. 


The Committee intends to engage as many voices in the process as possible, through outreach via surveys and open sessions in order to better understand community priorities. The goal of this Plan is to address financial, educational, and programmatic constraints, enabling the Rhinebeck school district to best meet the varied educational needs of the community's children going forward.


Listed below are links to the documents that the Committee has generated through the process to date. As additional information is generated, documents and other postings with LRP information will be added to this list. Please feel free to contact the Board members and administrators serving on the ad hoc Long Range Planning Committee at lrp@rhinebeckcsd.org or other Board of Education members, with questions, concerns or other comments.  


Long Range Planning Committee Information

 LRP Committee Meeting Minutes 10.31.17

 LRP Committee Meeting Minutes 10-16-17

LRP Committee Meeting Minutes 10-10-17

LRP Committee Meeting Minutes 9-25-17

LRP Committee Meeting Minutes 9-11-17

LRP Committee Meeting Minutes 8-31-17

LRP Committee Meeting Minutes 8-18-17

LRP Committee Meeting Minutes 7-31-17

LRP Committee Meeting Minutes 7-10-17

LRP Committee Meeting Minutes 6-28-17

LRP Committee Meeting Minutes 6-15-17

LRP Committee Meeting Minutes 6-2-17






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