BMS Half Day Program (Madagascar)

BMS Half Day Program

The BMS Half Day Madagascar Program has been designed to be a medium through which BMS achieves the goals set out in our mission statement. We have worked to provide students a chance to interact with kids their own age half a world away. In addition, this is a sustainable program that builds on itself as the students advance each year, allowing them a deeper understanding of Madagascar and the Malagasy people.

6th Grade Program

The purpose of the 6th grade program is to teach our children about the culture and biodiversity of Madagascar. Students will have the opportunity to speak with well-known anthropologists and Stony Brook doctoral candidates. Students will also be playing Malagasy games, showing off their talents to the kids in Madagascar and learning how their daily lives differ from their counterparts in Madagascar.


Pictures by Sunshine Comes First Ltd.

7th Grade Program

The purpose of the 7th grade program is to allow a more direct and meaningful exchange of ideas and cultures with the children in Madagascar, while enhancing their understanding of Malagasy culture and the biodiversity of Madagascar. Students will have the chance to choose one of three activities.


Pictures by Sunshine Comes First Ltd.


8th Grade Program

The 8th grade students will be taking the program to the community through various service based projects. The idea behind this is to give our students a sense of purpose and the understanding that what they are doing is important and meaningful.



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